With hygiene concerns of increasing importance to the general public, we have a comprehensive range of wipes to meet the demands of the workplace and leisure environments.

SaniSafe® QRD

The compact QRD system dramatically improves hygiene and offers additional cost savings for storage and distribution. Environmentally friendly and available in medium and heavyweight.

SaniSafe® Gym Wipes

A medium weight wet wipe that has been specifically designed to both disinfect and clean surfaces and equipment in gyms quickly, effectively and safely.

SaniSafe® General Purpose Office Wipes

These General Purpose Office Wipes are ideal for the disinfection of all office surfaces, telephone handsets, keyboards, computer mouse and desks.

GrimeEez® Multi

The ultimate wet hand wipe for general applications. This product is ideal for cleaning in virtually any industrial environment.

Safehands Disinfectant Hand Wipes

A medium weight wet hand wipe, Ideal for quick and easy sanitising and disinfection of the hands where no ready access to wash facilities exist.

HydroMax® Tek

A medium weight virtually lint free wipe for maximum performance in medium to heavy wiping tasks.

HydroMax® Wavyline

A medium weight, apertured, semi-disposable cloth treated with an inherent anti-microbial agent.

HydroMax® Diamond

A light weight, disposable cloth designed for lighter, general cleaning tasks.