Currently working with the leading distributors into the industrial market sector, we are able to offer a range of quality task-driven products. Our supply within this industry has been both with the Allied brand and our customers’ private label.

GrimeEez® Biomax

Designed to quickly and effectively disinfect hands ensuring protection against Weils disease and other water borne diseases and will eliminate cross contamination with a single stroke.

GrimeEez® Graffiti

For the removal of paint and graffiti off flat non-porous surfaces, dissolving as opposed to burning the graffiti.

GrimeEez® Multi

The ultimate wet hand wipe for general applications. This product is ideal for cleaning in virtually any industrial environment.

GrimeEez® Paint

The ultimate wet hand wipe for the removal of paint and similar solvent or petroleum based products

GrimeEez® Scrubbing and Wiping

A heavy duty, 2 sided, antibacterial, degreasing industrial wipe ideal for clean a variety of substances from hands and surfaces.

GrimeEez® Glass and shiny surface

A fast effective Industrial grade wet wipe for crystal clear, smear-free mirrors, glass, and shiny surfaces.

HydroMax® Tek

A medium weight virtually lint free wipe for maximum performance in medium to heavy wiping tasks.