GrimeEez® Industrial degreasing

This wipe has been developed to satisfy the exacting needs of the aerospace, military, utility, petroleum and transport industries.

  • Ideal for degreasing and cleaning a variety of substances from surfaces.
  • Super-soft strong superior grade cleaning cloth clings to dust & grime.
  • Virtually lint free for high clean areas.
  • Major aerospace, utility, transport, naval, military, petroleum and automotive approvals
  • Minimal Residue
  • Excellent Health & Safety profile compared to ethanol or fast evaporating solvents.
  • Can reduce solvent consumption, reducing cost in use and aiding compliance with VOC limits
  • Foil sealed for a guaranteed fresh product and extended shelf life.

Ideal for Aerospace, Automotive (Windscreen Fitters and Assembly plants), Engineering, Double Glazing Industries, Mobile Fitters and Automotive Repairs.