GrimeEez® Hand & Multi Surface

An antibacterial degreasing industrial wipe which has the ability to remove non-cured paint, adhesives, epoxy, PU foam, oil, grease, and more from hands, tools and surfaces.

  • Ideal for degreasing and cleaning a variety of substances from both hands and surfaces.
  • Soft, strong cleaning cloth collects dust and grime.
  • Effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, including, staphylococcus aureas, pseudomonas aureus and enterococcus hirae.
  • Ideal for users where no washroom facilities exist.
  • Foil sealed for a guaranteed fresh product and extended shelf life.

Ideal for Automotive (Windscreen Fitters and Assembly plants), Engineering, Double Glazing Industries, Mobile Fitters and Automotive Repairs, Workplace and Leisure Industries.