Automax 6

An extremely low lint, super absorbant pre-cleaning cloth with superior strength even when wet, ideal for use with solvents and spirits.

Automax 10

A low lint wipe that has been specifically designed for finishing, meaning it will not scratch even the newest paintwork.

Automax 11

A low lint, melt blown wipe that has been specifically designed for use with solvents and spirits, ideal for cleaning and degreasing of parts prior to spraying.

Automax 5

A lightweight general purpose cellulose wiper ideal for mopping up spillages quickly, cleaning tools and wiping dirty/greasy hands.

HydroMax® Tek

A medium weight virtually lint free wipe for maximum performance in medium to heavy wiping tasks.

HydroMax® Wavyline

A medium weight, apertured, semi-disposable cloth treated with an inherent anti-microbial agent.

HydroMax® Diamond

A light weight, disposable cloth designed for lighter, general cleaning tasks.